Case Results

It’s important for your lawyer to have successful experience in the courtroom. Many lawyers claim to be trial lawyers but rarely go to trial. The defendants know which lawyers are formidable in court and will evaluate your case based on your lawyer’s track record. You should always ask what specific cases a lawyer has taken to a jury and hire a lawyer with the ability to obtain fairness and justice. Each case is different and we would be happy to evaluate yours. Here are some of the results we have achieved for the people we represent:

$2,100,000 Settlement

2.1 million dollar settlement after Jury Selection by Mr. Basile for the death of an 82 year old man who fell at a car dealership.

$1,000,000 Jury Verdict

1 million dollars for False Arrest and battery on a young man with Down Sydrome, by San Diego County Sheriff Deputy. A 22 yr old with Down Sydrome was wrongfully stopped, pepper spray hit with a baton and held 5 hours. The county agreed to pay 1 million dollars and change training and policies concerning how deputies deal with people with mental disabilities.

$6,250,000 Jury Verdict

Unsafe wall collapsed, injuring college student.

$12,000,000 JURY VERDICT

Unsafe, untrained, fork lift driver, injures another worker, causing serious pelvic and internal injuries. Defendant denied any responsibility before trial.

$11,500,000 JURY VERDICT

Negligent police officer over reacts, and fails to follow safe practices and training causing serious brain damage. Defendant denied any responsibility before trial.

$5,950,000 JURY VERDICT

Unsafe, untrained, overworked truck driver / window installer pulls out in front of a motor cycle, killing 47 year old husband and father of two. Defendant denied any responsibility before trial.

$5,000,000 SETTLEMENT

14 year old injured by negligent truck driver.

$3,500,000 SETTLEMENT

Trucking Company and Rebar Company held responsible for dangerous method of delivering steel on public street. Delivery methods changed to make roadway safer. Defendants denied any responsibility before trial and had offered $90,000 to settle before Basile Law Firm was involved.

$1,500,000 SETTLEMENT

Truck manufacturer fails to provide safe seat for small child.

$2,000,000 Jury Verdict

Dangerous roadway causes death of young woman.

$850,000 Settlement

Unsafe transmission causes truck to suddenly back over young man injuring leg.

$850,000 Jury Verdict

Apartment complex fails to protect small children by violating building code for railings causing mild brain injury to small child, defendant refused to offer anything before trial.

$950,000 Settlement

Drunk driver fractures woman’s ankle.

$1,100,000 Jury Verdict

Nuclear power plant is held responsible for failing to provide adequate hearing protection for worker resulting in tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

$2,500,000 SETTLEMENT

Unsafe backing of large automobile transport vehicle by large auto company causes death of young woman.

$1,200,000 Jury Verdict

Dangerous method of pouring concrete at a job site causes a mild brain injury.