October 2012

Profile: Jude Basile

Nationally Recognized Trial Lawyer Stands Up Against Corporate Greed And Government Bullies

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Offering Experience, Service and Results

For over 40 years, The Basile Law firm has achieved exceptional results representing people and families who have suffered injury or lost a loved one due to wrongful conduct. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of corporate wrongdoers and insurance companies like having to face a real trial lawyer in front of a jury.

Jude Basile has obtained numerous 7, 8 and 9 figure jury verdicts. His unique method of preparation and trial has been developed over many years of success. Jude personally handles each case and accepts very few each year to allow him to become closely involved with understanding the wrong that has been suffered.

He holds the record for perhaps the largest WRONGFUL DEATH jury verdict in California of 150 million dollars.

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experience makes the difference

One of six children who’s family ran a small tavern in Western Pennsylvania, Jude lived and understood the common man. He saw how regular people were often taken advantage of by corporations, insurance companies and the government. After attending college on a football scholarship to play quarterback, he attended law school in California.

Jude Basile has been lead counsel in more than 75 jury trials. His entire career has been devoted to trial practice. He began using focus groups in the 1980’s long before it became popular. He developed a method of trial preparation in the 1990’s of using scene setting, role reversal, reflective listening, encounter, role training and sociodrama. Many lawyers claim to be trial lawyers but seldom go to trial and rarely achieve significant results.
Jude is sought after by other lawyers to share his experience and co counsel on cases. Jude has obtained one of the largest wrongful death verdicts in the history of California. He has an 8 figure verdict against the San Diego Police Department for excessive force. His trial results surpass many if not most of lawyers that claim to be “trial lawyers”


The Inner Circle of Advocates is an invitation – only group of the best trial lawyers for people in the United States. Membership is limited to 100 lawyers nationally. Lawyers must have a proven verifiable record of 7 and 8 figure verdicts for people. Admission requires exceptional qualifications of ethics and skill acknowledged by peers, clients, judges and opposing lawyers.

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Superior Results

Recognized as one of the leaders in the country when it comes to getting results.

150 million dollars

Jury Verdict

Wrongful Death due to corporate negligence at a Power plant

12 million Dollars

Jury Verdict

Unsafe, untrained, fork lift driver, injures another worker, causing serious pelvic and internal injuries

11.5 million Dollars

Jury Verdict

Negligent police officer over reacts, and fails to follow safe practices and training causing serious brain damage

7 million Dollars

Jury Verdict

Corporate Negligence led to a Suicide at a Drug Treatment Center

6 Million Dollars

Jury Verdict

Negligent Builder damages family

5.95 Million Dollars

Jury Verdict

Unsafe, untrained, overworked truck driver / window installer pulls out in front of a motor cycle, killing 47 year old husband and father of two

5.5 million Dollars

Jury Verdict

Bicycle Crash

4.5 million Dollars

Jury Verdict

Large Flat bed truck blocking roadway and unable to be seen causes serious injuries

3.75 million Dollars

Jury Verdict

Dangerous balcony railing
Causes fall and serious injury

client-focused service

“Jude exemplifies all that an attorney should be. He firmly believes right and wrong should not be decided by which party has the most money. Jude is all about righting wrong and protecting the innocent from the powerful and unscrupulous. We were much more than satisfied with the service we were provided and a settlement that was beyond any expectations. You could not find a more dedicated, knowledgeable and professional representative.”

- B.L.
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