About the Basile Law Firm

The phrase “trial lawyer” can mean different things to different people. To our law firm, being a trial lawyer means speaking the powerful truth to move a jury to do justice. We operate under the assumption that every case we take will eventually go to trial. This intense preparation sends a message to our opponents that we are determined to present the case to a jury. This often leads to more significant settlements. Our law firm has found that being prepared to present a case before a jury is often the only way to help the people and families we serve obtain a measure of justice for the wrongs committed against them.

We are the Basile Law Firm. We serve injured people throughout California and beyond. We intentionally limit our caseload so that we can fully devote our time and energies to each person we serve. If we accept your case, we will become closely involved in your life. We will get to know you, your family and your friends. In short, we will immerse ourselves in your life in order to see the case through your eyes. We have found this is the only way to become strong advocates for the people we serve.

We understand the uncertainty and trepidation you may feel as the trial date edges closer. It is only human to feel this way. If the opposition does present an offer of settlement, we will advise you of alternatives and our feelings about the offer. We will never, however, try to convince you to settle your case for less than what we believe it is worth.

Although your case is unique, you can take heart knowing that our law firm has been through similar battles before. We believe in the power of ordinary people, through their life experience, to understand the case and do what is right. The jury system is perhaps the only vehicle remaining for the ordinary person to seek justice. Our faith in the jury system has been confirmed time and time again.

Community Service

Our firm believes in being supportive of the community. Here are some of the services we have provided:

  • Charitable Contributions

    We will agree to contribute a portion of our fee from your case to a community charity.

  • Civil Justice Essay Contest for High School Seniors

    The contest requires senior students to examine the purpose and value of civil justice. $5,000 is distributed among the winners.

  • Chinese Children Adoption International

    We assist and coordinate with local families who have adopted children from China. We also contribute to the Half the Sky Foundation to support Chinese orphanages.

  • Local Schools

    We volunteer in the classrooms, help coach and financially support local youth sports, purchase technology to furnish a computer lab, and sponsor transportation to enrichment activities for children.

  • Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

    As a recipient himself, Jude Basile endowed 2 scholarships, one for women athletics and one for mens athletics, so that he may help others as he was once helped.

  • Homeless and Women’s Resource Center

    We contribute annually and volunteer to assist.

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