Jude has received jury verdicts in cases involving traffic collisions, dangerous construction sites, dangerous trucks, careless drug treatment facilities, dangerous roadways, traffic site obstructions, police excessive force, corporate negligence due to putting profits before safety, shoddy rental properties causing injury, and others. Read on to how he he has done this.

Jude Basile began his career in 1982. He worked as a criminal prosecutor for the City of San Diego, and Santa Barbara County gaining valuable jury trial experience as a young lawyer.

In 1985 he began his own private practice. He worked in Southern District of California Federal Courts as a criminal defense lawyers doing jury trials both in Federal and State courts for several years. He also tried and assisted other lawyers in several high dollar civil cases.

Jude developed valuable experience in criminal jury trials before venturing into trying civil cases involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. This experience was invaluable as most lawyers today have little to no experience in jury trials when they begin their injury practice. People looking for a lawyer MUST ask to see actual results from actual jury trials before hiring a lawyer.

Since 1982 Jude has devoted his practice to being a trial lawyer. When wrongdoers know there is a real trial lawyer against them, with a proven track record, they will make much higher settlement offers than when the lawyer has very few or no trial results.

In 1994 Jude attended what may have been the first college exclusively for trial lawyers representing people. It was called The Trial Lawyer’s College. No corporate, insurance of government lawyers were permitted to attend. In 1997 Jude was invited to join the faculty and later selected to lead the college due to his creative expertise in developing and using unique methods of preparation and trial. Jude discovered, developed, expanded and used in actual jury trials, a unique method of preparation and trial presentation.

Even before attending the college Jude was using focus groups as early as 1988 long before they became popular. He was spending time closely in the lives of those he represents. This meant he would only accept a limited number of cases. His focus was on presenting the human story and NOT making his priority building a law business. He wants personal attention and relationships to develop so he can make the best connection to the story of the people he represents and ultimately connect with the 12 jurors that will hear the case story at trial.

Among the methods he has helped integrate into trial and trial preparation are scene setting, role reversal, encounter, reflective listening, group formation, sequencing, discovering the story and story telling. Each case and each year has expanded on these methods and the results speak for themselves.

He personally oversees all aspects of the case, from discovering the story to final argument in trial.


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