He is a gifted trial lawyer. He certainly has all the basic skills: analysis, strategy, direct and cross-examination (withering, by the way) one would expect of an Inner Circle lawyer. However, there is abiding within him a commitment to his clients of a depth and intensity that I have never seen before. He is a “true believer” in the very best sense of that term. In nearly 40 years and 100 times at bat, I’ve never seen the combination of skill and commitment deployed so effectively.

D.W. – Experienced Opposing Trial Attorney

“When I was unfairly injured, the upcoming legal battle seemed to be an insurmountable task when I still had rehab and recovery to take care of. Jude helped me endure the hardest chapter of my entire life and made sure that I got the compensation I deserved. He fought harder in court than I could have ever imagined, and I can’t recommend him enough. Mr. Basile stood by my side and was ready to fight for me when I was too broken to even move. His preparation before the trial and his ferocity in the courtroom could only be matched by the level of friendship and respect he gave me as his client, and by the end he was practically family.”


“Jude – thanks doesn’t say it. It was a big undertaking: you taking on the giant [Nuclear Power Company]. You were awesome and you did it! We are so very grateful for your tremendous help. You, Jude, are one of a kind.”


“…It means more than you know that you have been there for my family and that you are actively bringing justice to a blatant injustice.”


“Jude exemplifies all that an attorney should be. He firmly believes right and wrong should not be decided by which party has the most money. Jude is all about righting wrong and protecting the innocent from the powerful and unscrupulous. We were much more than satisfied with the service we were provided and a settlement that was beyond any expectations. You could not find a more dedicated, knowledgeable and professional representative.”